Thought Bite: Learning in the Silence

There is teaching in the silence. Although it is silent, we can experience it, and learn.

We think that we have to sit in front of the teacher, to watch her face, take in her body language, and listen to her words to learn. This is true when learning from everyday teachers in the world. But, it's different when learning from a teacher in the meditation Tradition.

This is because the higher teaching comes "in the silence."

All who are initiates of the Tradition are connected to the Guru Parampara, the lineage of great realized minds, in a mystical way. This connection is to the stream of love, wisdom, and knowledge from which the teachers teach. We all have access to these higher teachings when we are in meditation. The teacher may tell us something on the outside, and if we are aware, we may receive the fuller teaching in the inside.

One time I went to Swami Veda Bharati with a question. He answered me and I heard what he said. But it was only later, when I meditated, that I understood the deeper teaching. It came in the silence.

Often, when acting as a teacher, it seems that the teaching is flowing from within rather than from "me." Actually, I'm clear that the teaching is coming from "not me," but rather from the that mystic inner flow, in the silence.

So, in these days when Swami Rama is no longer in the body, and Swami Veda Bharati is in silence at his ashram in India, I don't feel cut off from the teaching. Rather, the teaching comes in the silence.


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