Thought Bite: Spiritual Goals

Most of us have goals. We set goals to have a certain career, or a position in a company. We set goals to have relationships; to have a certain income; to have a house, a car, perhaps a pet, and other things. 

These goals are important; perhaps essential. 

They focus our mind and create motivation and energy to move us toward a target we wish to attain. Without goals, we wander aimlessly.

There is another type of goal that far fewer of us have. Spiritual goals. As is the case with goals regarding our worldly life, spiritual goals also focus our minds and energy in a direction.  

A spiritual goal calls us toward inner change. This may be a short term, such as being consistently happier and less bothered by day to day life than we are now. Or, it may be a long term, even ultimate goal, such as attaining the deepest state of meditation, or even Self-realization, in this or some future lifetime.

But to have spiritual goals, you have to want to grow spiritually. You have to want to be more in touch with your innate love and joy; to have true inner peace; to be happier.

Do you want these things? Then set spiritual goals.


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