Thought Bite: Lasting Happiness

In our current commercialized culture, we're constantly bombarded with messages aimed at convincing us that happiness comes from experiences and from things. Of course, a certain amount of good feeling comes when we attain a goal or experience pleasure. But the good feeling doesn't last. Life has constant ups and downs. So, if our happiness is dependent on the world, then we live on an emotional roller coaster. 

According to the great Yoga Sages, there is another type of happiness. This is a happiness that is not dependent on things or circumstances and is lasting. This is a happiness that fills us even when things are not going our way. The Sages say that such joy is of the very nature of our Soul.

From my observations of my meditation teacher, Swami Veda Bharati, over many years, I believe he lives in such a constant state of lightness and joy. Even when his body is causing him pain, which it does constantly, still his delight is infectious.

All of us can attain this state. Yoga-meditation is a preeminent method to discover and to learn to live in this happiness. 

Although this type of happiness is our birthright, we have to do the work necessary to discover and stabilize it.


19 Dec 2021;
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