Thought Bite: What Are You Devoting Yourself To?

Whatever we put our awareness on, that is where our mind is for that moment; and, where our mind is determines whether our experience is one of peace or misery.

If we put our awareness on worries, on fears, or on hatred, we experience those thoughts and emotions, and, for as long as our attention is on them, we reap the effects of focusing on them.

If we put our awareness on love, on joy, on silence, then, for those moments we experience the effects of doing so.

This doesn't mean we can just refuse to pay attention to real problems in our lives. However, more than we realize, we have a choice as to what to pay attention to, and what to fill our lives with. Richard D. Carson, psychotherapist and author of Taming Your Gremlin (, says that we are devotees of whatever we place our attention upon.

What are you a devotee of? Have you ever noticed upon what you habitually place your attention? Do you attend to thoughts that uplift you or drag you down?

We have a choice.


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