Thought Bite: Simply Experiencing

So much time is taken up with incessant thinking rather than simply experiencing. There is a difference: Our senses enable us to take in the richness of our surroundings and experience them directly. Thinking, on the other hand, is purely a mental activity. 

Take a moment to experience: Become aware of seeing this page on which my words are written. Now raise your eyes from the page and look around the room you're in. Notice what it's like to see and take in the view. This is simply experiencing. Simply taking in the view. If you hear words in your head as you have this visual experience, such as commentary or analysis of what you're looking at, those words are not part of the visual experience, but rather are "thinking," mind chatter.

Many of us, including myself, have a habit of incessant mind chatter. There's nothing inherently wrong with thinking. It has an important place and use. But when it gets to be never ending, it gets in the way of the simple joy of experiencing life moment by moment.

When we live in our thoughts, we distance ourselves from the experience of life, and this can diminish our sense of aliveness.

So, take a few minutes, now and then, to simply experience. Give someone you love a hug and really experience the sensations and feelings of doing so. If there are thoughts that come into your awareness while giving this hug, ignore them for the moment so you can take in the full sensual experience. You may find that doing this adds richness to your life. 


19 Dec 2021;
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