Thought Bite: We Are Only Visitors [Book Review]

Daniel Hertz's new book, We Are Only Visitors, is an enjoyable contemplation of important questions about life, written by a down-to-Earth, self-reflective man. Filled with gems of wisdom, this book is easy to read and to learn from.

One example of what's in the book, is Daniel's refreshing philosophy on being a yoga teacher. So many people these days take a brief teacher training course and then call themselves teachers. You see, Daniel knows who the real teacher is, and knows it's not his ego. He says, "It doesn't matter how many degrees someone has, how many years they have practiced, who their teachers were, or how highly they think of themselves." The real teaching comes from inspiration from a source larger than ourselves, and is expressed via the relationship "between the teacher and the student at that moment in time." This is just a sample of the simple yet profound wisdom contained in this book.

I also loved Daniel's retelling of his experience going through a colonoscopy while conscious. Daniel's enthusiasm, as he turns what might normally be an unpleasant experience into an adventure, is infectious.

It makes sense that Daniel's book is so full of earthy wisdom, because he spent an extended time at the side of a beautiful, joyous "simple forest monk," named Swami Hari. That's how I first met Daniel. Swami Hari introduced Daniel to me as his friend, and I could immediately see the easy, almost brother-like relationship between the two of them. One of the bonuses of this book is the inclusion of several of Swami Hari's talks. Swami Hari was a simple man, yet out of his mouth would flow the most profound wisdom. Reading these renditions of Swami Hari's talks, this simple wisdom flows from the written page.

This is a brief book that can be kept at bedside for entertainment and inspiration. Not heavy, nor overly intellectual, it is a delight.


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