Thought Bite: The Unchanging

A chill is in the air; the leaves are turning colors. Autumn has arrived. This change in seasons is a reminder of the truth that life is in constant change; from the dead of winter, to the new birth of spring, to the aging of Autumn and finally to winter again.

Many years ago, when eight years old, I stood looking at my body in the a three-part full-length mirror at May Co. department store. My mom often took me there on her shopping trips. It was fun to move the mirrors so that I could see my body multiplied over and over, infinite times as the image reflected between the mirrors. The reflected bodies became smaller and smaller as they repeated into the distance inside the mirrors.

Those bodies were all the same, other than in size. However, that multitude of bodies was closer to the truth than I realized. This is because this body in which I live changes constantly. It's almost like there is a different body every day; often even more often. Over the years big changes have occurred. My body sure looks very different now than it did back when I played with the mirrors at the May Co. Now it's bigger, denser, grayer and more wrinkled.

Yet, in the midst of all of this change, there is one thing that hasn't changed, and this is the sense that "I am experiencing this." So as I write this page, I experience myself typing these words and reading them on the computer screen. This is a felt experience, not just an idea.

This sense of experiencing has always been the same. It was there when I looked at those countless bodies in the mirrors, and it's here now. Although everything around me is changing, my sense of experiencing, of being the experiencer, remains the same. So, in the midst of all this change, there is something that is unchanging.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the True Self is called "the Seer." The Seer is the one who is aware of this world of constant change, yet is itself unchanging. Coming to know that this Seer is my true identity is the ultimate goal of yoga. My awareness that my experience of being the experiencer is unchanging, gives me an inkling of what the Seer is. Yet there is so much more to discover. So I continue to practice meditation.


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