Thought Bite: The Power of a Secret

Secrets have a power. Every child know this.

A guilty secret burns deep inside and weighs us down. We long to tell it, to unburden ourselves. It consumes our energy and steals our joy.

A loving secret uplifts us, and gives energy, joy and strength. Have you ever had a secret gift for a beloved, knowing it's there, imagining his or her joy at receiving it? Then you know the power of a positive secret.

Positive secrets empower us, negative secrets drain us.

Aspirants in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition keep a positive secret. Each, when initiated, receives a mantra specifically chosen for that person, and this mantra is kept secret.

This mantra is like a seed planted in fertile soil. It needs to be watered by daily mental repetition of the mantra.

Speaking this mantra to another person would be like digging up a vegetable seed to see if it's sprouted. If this was done, the vegetable would never come into existence.

So we keep outwardly quiet about the mantra-seed, and this allows it to grow and become strong.

The hidden mantra-seed has an effect deep within the mind. Over time, it becomes like a secret friend, who we commune with often, and whose presence calms and strengthens us.


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