Thought Bite: A kind, loving, and happy mind gives beauty that no cosmetic can imitate

These days, people are so focused on external appearance, and vast industries are supported by our insatiable hunger for good looks and beauty. However, there are no clothes, no cosmetics, and no plastic surgeries that can compare with the beautifying power of an empowered, clear, calm and happy mind. I learned this from Swami Veda Bharati. He didn't teach this in words, but by example. You see, there is an inner-beauty about Swami Veda that is so powerful that I've always found it hard to see anything else when I'm in his presence. He's a nice looking person too, and in the presence of the inner-beauty that flows from him, the appearance of his physical body seems irrelevant.

So where does Swami Veda Bharati's inner-beauty come from? From cultivating a saumya mind. Saumya is a Sanskrit word that means "pleasant". So a saumya mind is a pleasant mind, a mind that remains pleasant, loving, happy and calm in all the ups and downs of life. Swami Veda has cultivated such a pleasant, saumya mind, and he has empowered this pleasant mind through meditation.

saumya mind doesn't appear by simply deciding to have one, and it can't be purchased in the cosmetic store. A saumya mind is something we work to create. Yoga provides a method to cultivate such a mind, and the primary tools are awareness, volition, and meditation. Through awareness, one finds and weeds out pain-causing emotional habits, and through volition, new, beautiful emotional habits are cultivated. So, for example, when stinginess is found in the mind, generosity is cultivated. Where there is intolerance, tolerance is planted.

Meditation is key because it enables one to connect directly with the Source of power and beauty that exists at our core, energizing our mind and bringing more of the beauty to the surface.

Creating a saumya mind doesn't happen overnight. Doing so is a step by step process and at each step the personality becomes lighter, sweeter, and more resilient.

Would you like to be truly beautiful? Then cultivate a saumya mind.


19 Dec 2021;
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