Thought Bite: Taking a Mind Vacation

This Thursday, hundreds of people from all over the world will be joining my meditation teacher Swami Veda Bharati at his ashram in Rishikesh, India, to begin a special retreat that will culminate on March 10 with Swami Veda beginning a five-year vow of silence. After that, many of the guests will stay on for another ten days to live in silence with Swami Veda. In honor of this event, we are re-running this article, on the topic of silence. Hope you enjoy it!

We live in a noisy world. Planes, leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, cars, electric drills, television, radio are everywhere, and they are just some of the sound-making necessities of modern life. Maybe one of the reason's we go on vacation is to get away from all the racket.

But getting away from home doesn't necessarily result in quiet, because the whole world has become polluted with sounds. I remember sitting on the beach in Maui hearing the buzz of jet skis in the water and of squadrons of helicopters flying tourists to see the sights. These noises diminished the enjoyment for me.

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