Thought Bite: Inner Pilgrimage

We are all on a journey that begins at birth and ends at death. In between these two endpoints is what we call our life, and it's composed of the countless experiences that our journey leads us through.

Most people are content being engaged with their journey, and seek nothing beyond the experiences it brings. Some, few, individuals want to know what lies beyond the endpoints, they want to know the whole truth, and they are willing to look within themselves for the answers. These people transform their journey into a pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a journey from the everyday to the numinous. It's is an adventure with the specific intention of encountering Great Mystery and transcending what was previously thought to be real to find a greater Reality.

Such a pilgrimage is a long and challenging road, often unmarked, commonly obscure, and the distance to the goal is uncertain. Yet each step, even if challenging, brings joy.

Are you on a journey or a pilgrimage?


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