Thought Bite: Election

Yesterday was the Presidential election in the USA and the nation is polarized, and being polarized is not healthy for the country. A polarized electorate means a country that remains split after the election, as happened in the last several elections, and this results in a fractured government with constant posturing and battling between the two sides. If only we could learn how to reach across the gap in point-of-view that separates us, and find middle-ground, our government would be so much more functional. Instead, with the way it has been over the last several years, it's very difficult for our government to get anything done.

Bridging gaps means accepting both sides and seeking a place where they come together. Two ends of a stick do not exist separately; there is the stick connecting them! The stick joins the two ends, as does the magnet join its two poles. Rather than viewing the differences as opposites, they can be viewed as complements with both aspects being part of the whole. The art is in finding a way to bring them together.

Paying attention to, and honoring both sides is a beginning to resolve this problem. Doing so takes time, creativity, patience, and a willingness to reach out beyond one's point of view to find something greater. Yet it is possible to do so.


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