Thought Bite: The Mundane and the Mystic

We emerge from the unknown at birth, and to the unknown we return at death. What happens in-between these two events is our life. The rest is a mystery. Most people are content to live within the confines of their brief lives, reaching for goals, experiencing pleasure and pain, and struggling through the challenges that life presents. These "worldly" people are curious about the Great Mystery, but not enough to seek its secrets. On the other hand, a few people actively seek to resolve the mystery. These people are not content knowing only a part of the truth of themselves and of their lives. They want to know the full story. We can call these "mystics." What about you? Are you content living day to day and, in the end, dying without awareness, or do you have a secret craving to shine a light in the darkness and to understand the Truth of life? If you are a secret mystic, when will you begin your search? Meditation, that is, turning the light of your awareness around and looking within your own mind and heart is a crucial step. Once you do that, if your intention is truly to discover the Truth, your next steps will become apparent.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020