Thought Bite: Citizen of Two Worlds

A human being is a citizen of two worlds, the outer world of doing and the inner world of being. But most people know only their doing selves, and wonder why something feels missing. A person aware only of doing is like a bird trying to fly with just one wing: No matter how much the wing is flapped, the bird remains earthbound, moving in circles. Only when both wings are used can the bird take flight.

This past weekend, Monica Diaz de Peralta and I co-led a two-day seminar titled Aspire to more, at an amazingly lovely retreat center in Mexico. The seminar focused on fully developing and integrating both our wings. Monica shared her brilliant Aspirations Theory, which is a guide to living with greater fulfillment by actualizing our three essential aspirations of transcendance, wisdom and happiness. Through talks, group processes and inner-work, participants learned each of the aspirations from doing and being perspectives.

It was inspiring to witness the changes happening in the participants as the retreat proceeded.

There will be more opportunities to experience this seminar in the future. If you would like to be placed on a list to be notified of the next seminar, please contact me.


19 Dec 2021;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Full Moon Meditation 2020