Thought Bite: Teaching From Presence

The room was filled with people talking and laughing. Suddenly everyone became quiet, a quiet was not just a lack of sound, but was a silence that was soft and loving. I looked up to see what caused the sudden peace and saw Swami Veda Bharati, my meditation teacher, walking into the room. I sensed the respect and love the people there felt for this great teacher, and also felt his peace. Looking at him there, I became quiet, inside, and knew this must be the same for the others. Swami Veda Bharati exuded peacefulness. He was in a deep internal loving peace and silence, and this state wafted off of him like a fragrance, soothing the other minds in that room, drawing them into the same beautiful state he was experiencing.

 This peace that Swami Veda Bharati carried that evening was his teaching. He did speak, and people listened intently to his words, and they were beautiful, wise, and filled with knowledge. Yet, it was his presence, the state he showed up in, that was the deeper teaching.

In this way, by his presence, Swami Veda taught that which cannot be conveyed by words. He gave each person there a taste of true peace and inner quiet. It's likely that this experience ignited in the hearts of some there a wish to experience more such peace, and motivation to sincerely strive to create such a sublime state within themselves, and others.

This peace is not beyond our reach. We too can experience it and, with practice, increase it in our lives. Swami Veda Bharati showed us this by his presence.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, I am scheduled to lead a workshop for yoga teachers on Teaching From Presence at Yogawell in San Diego, September 22, 2012, 2:00-6:00 PM. It would be a delight to see you there.


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