Thought Bite: A Student Question

From which side should we come out of the relaxation? Laying on the left side or right side?
As far as I remember we were told to roll to the left side to activate the right nostril (pingala nadi) helping us to get ready for the daily activities.
However I search the Internet and most places say to roll to the right cause the heart is on the left so we keep of pressure from the heart and by activating the left nostril we can maintain that relaxed state of mind. Sounds good to me.

Answer: Let me respond by telling a brief story: In my early days in the tradition, for a while I lived in a yoga center of a different tradition and while there learned some of their practices. Then next time I saw Swami Veda he asked me to show him what I'd learned there at that yoga center and I showed him. He watched intently and after said "well, what they are calling this we call that, and what they are calling that we call this, but just go ahead and learn the way you are being taught." There were other differences in the way the practices were done. After talking with him, I realized that since he is my teacher, I'd best learn as he is teaching so I don't confuse myself and it's helped me to do that since. There are countless ways to do things, and many lineages teach one way or another. Each might be right if you are doing everything the way that tradition teaches, however if you mix and match, you'll end up with a hodgepodge that may be ineffectual. So, if you are a student of one tradition or lineage, it's just going to confuse you to look at what others teach. My suggestion is to learn what is being taught by the tradition you've chosen at least until mastering it, and only then might you experiment to see how doing it differently affects you.


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