Thought Bites: Practice

Have you ever read a book or attended a seminar, and felt completely changed by the experience? Perhaps it seemed like the change was permanent. However, after a few days or weeks, you realized that nothing had really changed, you were still the same, and you felt let down.

It would be nice if we could instantly change like they did in the Matrix movie, connect our brain to a computer, download a program, and instantly speak French, be an expert martial artist, or know the secret of true happiness. But real life isn't like this.

Our personality and skills are webs of habits, and changing habits takes time, and practice. Practice is the part that often we don't like and try to avoid. Discipline has almost become a dirty word. But to really change, we can't avoid practice.

It takes practice to make real, deep change in ourselves. We have to practice more than we likely care to do if we're going to make progress. So if you are not progressing in something you want to learn, notice how much you are practicing. The more practice, the faster and deeper you'll learn.


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