Thought Bite: Perfectionism is a severe form of imperfection.

Being competent at something enables us to do a good job, which is a positive. However, expecting ourselves to do a perfect job is unrealistic, because there are many factors at play in each moment, and we are in charge of only a very small number of them. We are not even completely in control of our own actions and thoughts. Besides, what is the necessity of doing a perfect job anyway? I heard a story about the rugmakers of India that contains much wisdom about this idea of perfectionism. They believe that only God is perfect and so they make sure to put an imperfection in every rug they make so as not to act like God. I don't know about you, but I don't have to intentionally put imperfections in what I do, they just naturally appear.



19 Dec 2021;
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Full Moon Meditation 2020