Thought Bite: Happiness

It is a common thought that having a lot of money will make you happy. Have you ever questioned whether this is true or not? It is true that having less money than is necessary to pay basic necessities is inconvenient. In that situation, you spend most or all of your time focused on survival and have no time to rest. Yet I have met people in this situation who are happy. Once you get beyond survival level, and have enough money to meet your needs, you have time for relaxation and entertainment, but engaging in these activities doesn't equate with happiness. There are many, many people who have plenty of free time and spend a lot of entertaining themselves who are very unhappy. There are also many who live in luxury who are not happy.

Happiness, rather than coming from the outside, comes from inside of us. There is an endless source of it, and yoga is a method of finding the secret key to this source of happiness.

Once we find this key and start to experience the happiness, we stop can stop demanding that things and experiences make us happy because we know the true source of happiness is within.


19 Dec 2021;
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