Thought Bite: Understanding Yoga

So many commercial activities are passing themselves off as yoga. Also, people are confusing yoga with activities that yoga is definitely not. So, when someone on Facebook asked for a definition of yoga, I felt moved to post this, and thought I'd share it with a larger audience.

Tight outfits are not yoga,
Commercialism is not yoga,
Acrobatics is not yoga,
Neither are yogamats, retreats, slinky-dances, workouts, tight butts, energy drinks or competitions. Yoga is not a sexual cult, nor even a series of postures that makes you fit, although these postures may be part of yoga depending upon the intention and awareness.

So what IS yoga?
Yoga is samadhi: The direct experience of unity with Truth,
Yoga is skillfulness in action,
Yoga includes philosophy, psychology, ethical practices, breathing practices, processes to calm and purify the emotions, awareness practices, physical practices, and more.
Yoga is vast.
Yoga's aim is to know oneself on all levels and to directly realize Truth.


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