Thought Bite: More True Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, a thought bite was published here titled “True Beauty,” which drew a distinction between surface beauty and a beauty that emanates from the core of a thing. Here is a link to that article if you’d like to review it.

Today, I received a beautifully written comment from Chris Mahon to that article, which I want to share for your enjoyment. Chris agreed I could publish his comment, and here it is:

Years ago in Oakland, when I lived near Lake Merritt, I once took an acting class at Laney College. On the night of the first class, the teacher stood on stage and talked about many things, one of which was beauty. “I mean beauty from the INSIDE,” she said. The words have always stayed with me, but yours are much more eloquent and meaningful:

There is another kind of beauty: Inner beauty. Inner beauty comes from essence. In a kitchen cabinet with inner beauty there would be real wood beneath the surface paint. In a person, there would be a beautiful mind and heart, a spiritual beauty that radiates unseen yet sensed and uplifts those nearby.

A woman with inner beauty is perceived as beautiful no matter what the shape of her nose or the smoothness of her skin. It is through the refinement of the mind and heart that inner beauty emerges. Inner beauty not a quick fix from a jar or an operation. Inner beauty is real and takes time to uncover.

Years later, when I was staying at the Desert Hot Springs Spa for a weekend, I decided to get a facial, and during my facial, I talked with the facialist. She told me about a beautiful woman who came in one day for a visit, but the more this woman talked to the facialist during the facial, and the more her character was revealed at that time, the facialist realized how ugly (strong word!) this woman was. I think the facialist felt repulsed by the woman’s presence. And another time an old, wizened woman came in for a facial, and the facialist’s first thought was, “I don’t want to work with this woman! She’s too ugly!”  But as the woman talked to the facialist during the facial, and her character was revealed, the facialist realized how beautiful this woman was, and the facialist felt truly fortunate, if not blessed, to have met her.  --Chris Mahon


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