Thought Bite: Changing One’s Destiny

In his book, Happiness is Your Creation, at page 71, Swami Rama says, “If you do not pay attention to your habit patterns and their impact on your thoughts, speech and actions, then you are nothing more than destiny's football. It is your carelessness and your lack of trust in yourself that allows you to be tossed and kicked around by destiny. Did you ever pause for a moment and realize that you are the creator of your own destiny? God has no interest in making you miserable, nor does God have interest in making Himself miserable by constantly worrying about you.” This quote of Swami Rama’s was posted on the Facebook Group, Swami Rama of Himalayas.

A gentleman posted a comment: “Then what is destiny Ji? It is said Brama has Ordained it all for you at birth, do we need a God? If all is already done? What is Karma, do we have to do Good for what Ji???”

Swami Rama has said that when a person performs an action (whether a gross action involving movement or a subtle action such as a thought), it is like shooting an arrow into the sky. At some time that arrow will fall to earth and then that person will receive the result of that karma. When one is born, the arrows shot into the sky in previous lives control one's current life, and they can do so for one's entire life if one does not seek wisdom. But if one chooses to perform new actions based on wisdom, the arrows of this new wiser karma will eventually begin influencing one's life. So, although the arrows of past karma will still have their effects, slowly, over time, the effects of new karma will change one’s circumstances. Therefore, Swamiji says our destiny is in one’s hands. A person can take new actions now, based on wisdom rather than on misunderstanding, and slowly change his destiny.

Divinity may have ordained one’s life, but according to the philosophy of Yoga, one has the power to design his destiny.


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