Thought Bite: A Sacred Adventure

Originally published in 2013, this is a message I felt bears repeating.

Life is like a play. At birth, the curtain opens and we find ourselves on the stage of life, taking part in the great drama of existence, until the curtain closes at death.

During our time on the stage, many things happen as we learn and grow from infancy, eventually taking on adult roles in the drama. The adult period lasts quite a time, and all the while we grow older. During our time on the stage, we experience victory and loss, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain.

Our part on the stage is to some extent scripted (we are born into a certain family, in a certain country, at a particular time, with certain predispositions), and to a large extent improvisational.

No matter how our life story unfolds, whether it's a hero's journey or a tragedy, whether we are powerful and wealthy, powerless and poor, or something in-between, all that we live is left behind when the curtain falls.

Many, if not most people are not happy leaving the stage at the end. Many, throughout life, wonder what the drama and magic of life is all about.

Some, few, seek to draw back the curtain and uncover the mystery of life and death, to peer beyond their brief time on stage and to free themselves from life's apparently unalterable limits.

These few are the meditators, the yogis, the seekers of Truth. They strive to both live and to transform their brief time on the stage into a sacred adventure.

It is possible to be fully engaged in life while delving into life's mysteries. Doing so requires forming an intention to discover the Truth and taking time every day for self-awareness and meditation practice. When this is sincerely done, the way to Truth opens. With time and continued practice, we may begin to get an inkling of being part of something greater than we previously thought, of expanded love, and of greater Truth.


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