This section contains writings on Inner Pilgrimage. It is my intention to lead physical Pilgrimage retreats in beautiful holy places in the world soon. Please check back now and then for details.

Life Is A Journey

I am on a journey. It is a long and uneven road that I travel, unmarked, obscure, and the distance to my goal is uncertain. My goal is clear to me, yet my direction and path are not, and I have to find my way with every step. I wish there were a clear road; yet I have found that the clear roads all lead in circles.

Still I travel, as do all humans. I have no choice, because life is a journey between the two mysteries of birth and death, and, one must experience all that comes in-between.

Yet, because my intention is to come closer to the shimmering Truth that underlies this life, my journey has become a pilgrimage, and I view every turn in the road as an opportunity to come closer to that Truth.

The Holy Land

There is a place, so small yet unimaginably big, and so close yet seemingly out of reach. This is a holy place, and discovering it is worth everything because it is the source of all happiness that exists in this or any world. To this place we can make Pilgrimage and become a devotee of the divinity abiding there.

The journey is inside, and the path is between our mind and heart.

The Ultimate Pilgrimage

The ultimate Pilgrimage traverses only the distance of thought. The route is from the head to the heart, from the material to the spiritual. The most sacred temple of all resides within each of us. There, in the darkness there is light, and the source of light. The footsteps taken are silent and leave no tracks. The way is subtle, intuitive, yet real.

Every Day is an Opportunity

Every day, every moment, every situation, presents another opportunity to live life as Pilgrimage. What makes the difference is the intention. Life becomes Pilgrimage if every situation is approached as an opportunity to pay homage to the inner-Divine by opening the heart with gratitude.


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