Quick Relaxation and Recharge

Want a quick recharge?

Here’s a method. It comes from the ancient and timeless Himalayan Yoga Tradition and is easy to do.  All it involves is sitting comfortably for three minutes and following the directions in the following paragraphs.  Interested?  Let’s get started:

Sit on the end of your chair-seat (so your back can be erect and relaxed rather than slouching) with feet on the floor and hands resting on your thighs.  Gently close your eyes, and establish smooth, slow, diaphragmatic belly breathing, so that your belly expands as your inhale and contracts as you exhale.

Briefly scan your body for tension, relaxing it as you go, beginning with the face, jaw, throat, shoulders to fingertips, fingertips to shoulders, center of chest, belly, thighs to toes, and then back up the way you came.  Continue the diaphragmatic breathing.

The goal is to have a relaxed soft body sitting erect on the end of that chair seat.

Now turn your attention back again to your breath, and feel sensation of the flow of it, how it flows in, expanding your belly, and flows out as your belly gently contracts.

Resolve that for the next two minutes you will keep your attention only on that sensation of the flowing breath and nowhere else (knowing that if your attention does wander--which is likely-- you’ll bring it back to feeling the flowing breath as soon as you wake up and notice).

Then take two minutes and simply feel the sensations of breathing.

At the end of the two minutes, return your attention to your whole body, and slowly open your eyes, and notice what effect the exercise had on how you feel.

You are welcome to do this several times a day, especially whenever you start feeling a little tired or stressed, and notice what effect the practice has on your wellbeing.


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