Mind-body Illusion


Your name is not you.  It is ink on paper and ink on paper and cannot say I am Richard.


Your mind is not you as it is only a collection of unpredictable, whimsical, often irrational thoughts, impressions and memories.  So when the mind says I am Richard, it is a conditioned response programmed into the brain by one’s parents early on in life, an impression which dies and dissolves into nothingness when the body dies.
The body is not you as it is a DNA programmed food body made from food and sustained by food.  It too cannot say I am Richard.  It ages, grows, decays, dies and rots becoming food for the worms or the crematorium.
Then how does anything ever happen?  As I understand it, Source Energy sends a thought, an input to the brain, the brain reacts and based on its DNA programming and environmental, parental, peer group, etc. conditioning it creates a mental, emotional or physical action, an output, which in turn creates a consequence according to one’s prior conditioning and programming.
Considering the aforementioned it would appear we are all pre-programmed, free will is questionable, there is no you, nor me implying that thinking is happening, talking is happening, eating is happening, driving is happening, smelling is happening, hearing is happening, reading is happening, writing is happening, feeling is happening, etc., but there is no Richard, no doer thereof.
From my understanding I surmise the Absolute is Eternal and Unchangeable. I know the mind-body is temporary and changeable.  Based on these findings it appears to me that it is impossible to be my name, body or mind.
For the first time in my spiritual quest I realize that Self Realization cannot be forecasted or found as it is something that has never been lost.  Rather there is something to be deeply understood intuitively, immediately. 
It appears that some people get Self Realization spontaneously for no apparent reason; others get with a lot of hard work, others never get it no matter how hard they work
I think that when a particular stage is reached, the table is set appropriately and the ground is fittingly prepared there comes about an appropriate change spontaneously from within.
Accordingly one’s sadhana is simple:  Develop the conviction that you are not your name, nor your mind, nor your body understanding that thinking is happening, walking is happening, eating is happening, etc. and there is no doer, no Richard, thereof.  Prove it to yourself.  Then keep your focus on this conviction that you are the Absolute and watch what happens.
Intellectual understanding was my first step.  Apperception is needed now to stop my moving in a circle, like the dog chasing its tail.

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