State of Happiness

One should learn about his individual mind, about his thinking process. If he comes in contact with something depressing, undesirable, or repressive, he should understand that there are other dimensions of the mind that are very healthy, very creative, and very helpful. He should not be disappointed. Each person is fully equipped with all the instruments--body, senses, mind, and consciousness. To understand the nature of these tools means to attain the goal of life. This goal is actually not to search for God as religionists do.

State of HappinessThe real aim of Vedanta is to attain happiness, bliss, and wisdom. Happiness means freedom from all pains and miseries, and the greatest of all miseries is ignorance. The total absence of ignorance is a state of happiness. The goal of human life is to attain that state of happiness which is freedom from ignorance. Wise people seek that ultimate knowledge, which is Truth or absolute Reality, so that they can attain the purpose of life.

After attaining that state of happiness, there is nothing else to be known.

 - Swami Rama in Choosing a Path, pages 39-40


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