Swami Veda Bharati holds the prestigious title of Mahamandaleshwara in the Swami order of monks.  He was also the Chancellor of HIHT University, Dehradun, which was established by Master Swami Rama. He authored approximately 18 books on Indian spirituality including a 1500 page comprehensive commentary on two of the four chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga-sutras. Before taking the vows of Swamihood in 1992, Swami Veda Bharati was known as Dr. Usharbudh Arya.

“Every human being seeks relief from the unceasing motion of daily life.  We plan vacations, but we wind up taking all the chaos of our lives with us.  This is true even if we go to the wilderness, because a noisy mind creates noise when it goes to a quiet place.

There is a quiet place you can go, without paying a penny, or taking a plane, or driving to a cabin in woods.  That place is within you.  Yoga science says that the space between the outer surface of the skin and the core – the centre of consciousness – is far more vast, far more expansive, than the spaces between the galaxies.  Somewhere in that inner space, absolute quiet reigns supreme.

calm eyeA human being is like a hurricane.  On the outside, it’s all agitation and excitation; whirlwind, lightening and thunderous rain.  But there is a calm eye at the core.

At the ‘still point of the turning world’, from where the energy of the storm arises, the laws of the external world do not apply.  It costs you nothing material to get there.  The journey is weightless, and you can expand it to any size.  What more could you want? When you let this inner calm pervade your being, you can envelop others in its sphere so that in your presence, even the angriest person becomes calm.

Learn to go beyond the surface turbulence of your personality like an aerial dare-devil flying her plane into the eye of the storm.  It requires no less courage, no less determination, no less resolution, to brave the storm of your personality and find the freedom within.

Freedom is peace, and peace is freedom.  They are within your grasp anywhere, anytime you wish.  This is the message of yoga.  A person who has learned to go into the core of his being infuses all his faculties with power.  Then when he looks, he really sees.”

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