Tattered, Joyful Angel

Mary Mohs M.A., has her Master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.  She has served as director and co-founder of Awakening:  A Center for Exploring Living and Dying, and is presently giving workshops and serving as a Spiritual Director.  Her life's work includes her experience as a nurse, mother, substance abuse counselor, workshop facilitator, yoga teacher, published author, and spiritual director.  She has worked with the dying and grieving since 1992, and has taught Jungian dream work for over 25 years.  Mary is the author of many published articles, and the book Opening to Dying and Grieving: A Sacred Journey.

tattered joyful angelWhen my granddaughter, Destany, started Kindergarten five years ago, they had an orientation for the parents. From that meeting my son received a gift of a Happy Face Angel, which he hung on the mirror of my car. Through the years that little angel slowly lost her wings, and her halo, and became old and tattered, but regardless of all she has been through she still smiles at me. That joyful little angel reminds me every day that regardless of what may come my way I can always look at the bright side, and realize that joy comes from deep within.
Joy is something that I have been contemplating lately and wish to develop. What exactly happens when we experience joy? My father would say, happiness is external; joy is internal. I know the dictionary would disagree and does not distinguish the two, however, I too believe joy has very little to do with the outside world.
I have been noticing what transpires when I am joyful. Gratitude seems to be the main component for me. When I become aware and appreciate life, and am grateful for anything from seeing the humming bird in my garden to enjoying my family, I can feel the joy. I am also noticing that when I don’t take things so seriously, and I don’t get caught up in the drama of life, I feel the joy. Most of all when I am in a deep meaningful conversation, feeling that connection with others, allowing myself to be vulnerable and feel the love, I experience joy.
Meditation seems to wash away the negativity and brings the joy back into our lives. Often our habits of the mind, mental attitudes that assume the negative about people, places, and situations, tend to block joy. Have you ever noticed that you believe what you tell yourself? If you are going to assume, it is much more joyful to assume the positive about people, places, and situations. 
Fear was the main emotion that has kept me from being joyful throughout my life. Most of the fear that I have had has been a result of whatever I told myself about a situation, rather than the reality. When I can stay in the moment and am present with whatever the moment brings I tend to be more joyful. Actually this also includes working through any grief that may come up in the moment, and forgiving others, and myself, for any perceived grievances.
One of the most important elements of joy has to do with grace. I love seeing the synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) in life that help me realize that spirit is working behind the scene to make sure that we all get exactly what we need.
Jack Armstrong in his book, Lessons from the Source, says, “Remember the impact pure joy can have on the world--and on you. It is like lighting a brush fire and watching it spread almost instantly.” ~ Looking forward to hearing from you!
Love and Peace,

Learn more about Mary and her work at: https://www.exploringthesacredmystery.com/


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