John David Wilson has been a student of the Himalayan tradition for 49 years. He occasionally teaches mystic poetry classes at The Meditation Center, Minneapolis, MN. He would like all to enjoy writing as a spiritual discipline. Here, he pens the core of a lecture on Samadhi by Stoma Parker at Swami Rama Sadhaka Gram, knowing it is good to save these nutshells for later sharing.

The beautiful swirl

Of your timeless Love

Bursts out like solar flaresHeart of flames

To be born in worlds of Compassion,

Embodied in Space and Time.

Your joy fills planets

With hope and happiness,

Endlessly blessing

Those who have dared to be born.

Such is the samadhi of the fearless,

Leaping into Love,

Without expectation,

Holding your flame

So close to their Hearts.

-                - Written by John David Wilson at SRSG on 2-21-2016

John teaches people how to write inspired poems from their experiences. If you'd like to work with him, please complete our contact form and type “I would like to work with John Wilson” in the message box.


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