The following report is from Thaniya, the Director of Ahymsin Thailand. 


The Divine Grace continued shining her loving light on Thai people.  Over December 2015 - January 2016, Thailand had wonderful opportunities to welcome two outstanding teachers from Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. 

Randall Krause has visited Thailand for the second time, but this was his first occasion to share his spiritual experience and knowledge with people here. With several years of service to the Tradition, he introduced the teachings of Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati from his heart, advising people to search within for perennial wisdom and happiness through Yoga. His message, decorated with impressive personal experiences and stories, ranging from painful/happy time with his parents during their last breaths and precious moments of intense learning and training with his spiritual preceptor, Swami Veda Bharati.  He left challenging questions for us to ponder "Who we truly are and how can we get back to our real essential nature?". These are questions that some might spend several more lives to understand. 

This was followed through shortly by the second visit to Thailand of Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, a very rare and outstanding female spiritual guide in the current era.  Her devotion to spreading the teachings of Swami Rama made her message very effective and inspiring. In the retreat titled "Love Serve Remember”, Swami Nitya condensed the life and teachings of Swami Rama that awakened people to the highest reality of life.  When one reach the highest state of truth, they know they are one with everything else and individuality naturally vanishes.  In that state, one remembers his/her own essential nature (Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, Brahman, God; and countless names people from different backgrounds and traditions call it). Then, one naturally loves all and excludes none and devotes oneself selflessly to the service of the entire humanity and universe.   

According to Swami Nitya, Love Serve Remember are essence of yoga teachings and they go together.  Love represents Bhakti Yoga, Serve (here mean not only serve, but serve selflessly) is Karma Yoga, and remember means one is practicing Jnana Yoga (Yoga of wisdom). When all are seen as one, then it is a Raja Yoga as defined in Patanjali Yoga Sutra.   These are the Three Words that Himalayan Yoga Masters (including Swami Rama) keep reminding people over and over again to make people aware they can bring quality to their and other people's lives, live in the world without attachment and eventually make a journey back to the real home.   In Ahymsin Logo, there is a snake biting its own tail; the goal is the past, but when that point is realized, then there is no more beginning or ending.  Time ceases to exist only Eternal now remains. 

Photos from Randall’s trip to Thailand:




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