Don’t Destroy! Live and Love Life!!

Don’t destroy! Live and love life!!

Yesterday morning, when the news of a young girl of twenty five hanging herself in our neighborhood came, we all became sad. She was also friends with our daughter and would often exchange pleasantries with us. Her marriage, with the boy she was dating for almost a year, was planned for the middle of next month. All arrangements were made, marriage hall was booked and gifts too were purchased.

Her parents have no clue about the cause of her deciding to end her life. ‘Shattered’ would be a very small and insufficient word to describe their state. She was the youngest of the three kids. It’s almost impossible for anyone to console them. Since she hasn’t left any suicide note, the police are working on many different theories. Thankfully the door was forced open in the presence of police constables otherwise because of the investigation hassles her parents would have been in more trouble.

Three days back when after a year and half I re-visited a friend, whose son of sixteen had committed suicide in November 2010 after being cold shouldered by his girlfriend, I came back very sad and depressed. It was so difficult to see both parents desperately missing the boy’s presence and convulsing through his memories in silent pain. The mother, who once was very bubbly and all the time sparkling with life and energy, had lost half her weight and tried hard to bring faint smile on her dried and perched lips. Father, whose spontaneity to crack jokes and entertain all friends was always highly sought, appeared totally lost, depressed and incoherent.

According to WHO almost one million people commit suicide every year. Each year these suicides leave another three to five million people to grieve and languish in pain for rest of their lives. People who commit suicide are the ones who could not negotiate and deal with their sufferings, pains or failure but they transferred them many more times on their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Suicide may not be cowardly but definitely is a very selfish act. I strongly feel that anyone who truly loves, cares and respects others and other’s feelings and emotions will never take one’s life. One has no right to destroy one’s body by committing suicide? One should not destroy something which one has not created? The assumption, that it’s my life and I can do whatever I feel like doing with it, is totally wrong. This life is not ours. This body is not ours. This life is the energy of the nature which lives, breathes and pulsates in this body. This body is given by a mother, who allowed the sperm of a father to get fertilized with her egg and then nurtured it in her womb for nine months and then delivered it to the world. She breastfed it, nourished it with her love and took care of it till it became independent to realize the ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’.

Live and Love LifeThis is the body we live in. It has been given to us by the nature and our parents. The body we live in is not created by us. This body is also connected with different people in different ways. For some it is son or daughter. For some it is father or mother. For some it is a sibling and so on. Likewise other bodies also relate and connect with it. When someone destroys this body by committing suicide, one destroys everyone related with this body and causes immeasurable pain to everyone around. Is it not selfish to only think of one’s own pain, failure and suffering and not of the loved ones, who will suffer huge trauma after this person ends his or her life.

The right approach to deal with pain, suffering and failure is to open eyes and look around to observe others. There are people who may be in much worse and pathetic situation. In everyone’s life there are always more reasons to be happy, joyful and positive than sulking in an isolated deep hole of depression. If one is blessed with an able and healthy body to see, experience and work than the scope of achievements is enormous.

Trust yourself and never shy away from rejections, failures and sufferings since all achievements without them lack real juice and taste of life. Never be apologetic of your looks and background. Do your best to look attractive and remain positive. Always keep growing through reading inspiring books and contemplation. There is no night which doesn’t end at a beautiful dawn. There is no problem which doesn’t have a solution. Before prematurely deciding to checkout of this life shouldn’t one think of paying back the obligations of nature and parents, who gave this body?

Life is precious and beautiful. Love it and live it till you breathe last.

Originally posted by Dr. Dinesh Sharma on October 22, 2015.


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