A Vow of Silence for Global Climate Change

Global climate change may be the defining issue of the 21st century. But, over the past year, I've become increasingly concerned that, although urgent measures need to be taken to avoid or mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of global climate change, our leaders are doing little or nothing, and the news media reports on the matter as if it will be just a minor inconvenience rather than a world changing disaster.

Into this mix comes an 11 year old boy, named Itzcuahtli (Eat-Squat-Lee). He is a leader, even at his young age, and has taken a vow of silence as a way of being heard by the true world leaders, namely, each of us. His goal is to awaken us all to the need to take action on climate change. 

Here, beneath this introduction, is an email from Itzcuahtli. I was highly impressed by it and am sending it to you in case you'd like to read it. It's worth the time. Also, the movie (link is in the article) is impressive, and you can also check out his website too (another link in the email).

Namaste, Randall Krause



Dear Friends,

Hey I wanted to send a letter to all of you at once to thank YOU!!!  I can't write back to each of you individually but I have read your notes and letters and they are so inspiring.  I never knew my silence would inspire so many people to unite together for our future but it gives me so much hope that we are!  

It has been over a month since I have spoken and really my whole life has changed.  I am not going to school anymore because it was hard for the teachers and school to support me and it was really hard with some of the kids not understanding what I was doing and making fun of it.  I sent my 2 minute video to my teachers on the last day and asked if they could show it to the kids, (here it is if you haven't seen it)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZYRaAQ6ouM   but none of my teachers showed it and it was really disappointing. 

I wil be flying to New York on December 4th for the HBO release of a series called "Saving Our Tomorrow" at the Smithsonian Museum that me my brother and our Earth Guardian work is featured in. They will also be releasing a music video they did or our song "Be the Change".  It will be out on HBO television on the 15th, I hope you can see it.  It is about youth who are concerned about their future and calling on climate action NOW! 

I will stay in New York to join in the Human Rights Day on Dec 10th at the United Nations Plaza and the first day of the Climate talks in Lima. I may decide to speak there but I am not sure yet.  It is the best place to get my message into the media and out to more people.  Let me know if you want to join us in New York!

I believe if we keep getting this out to there and people start listening to what the children of the world are calling for, we will create the kind of world we deserve to be left with!  Thank you to all those who are supporting our vision for a better world by working towards a sustainable, healthy beautiful world for future generations! 

Stay tuned for - "From Silence Into Action" it will be announced on December 11th and I hope you will join in.  I think we need to keep building our movement towards the Paris 2015 United Nations summit so we become a wave of noise SO LOUD that the world leaders can't ignore us any longer.  I will also be sending a pledge to you and you can pledge your commitment to being a CLIMATE LEADER and share what actions you will take :)  

Please send my video link our everywhere and if there are organizations or schools or business's that you know please ask them to join us.  Have them send the pics of their green arm bands to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We also doing a facebook take over and are asking everyone to change there profile pic to one of themselves or there group wearing a green arm band onDecember 10th with a link to my video.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up at www.climatesilencenow.org  to protect our future!

With love,

Itzcuauhtli and Xiuhtezcatl (he helped me write this letter) :)


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