Law of Karma, In Search of Happiness

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

Law of Karma, In Search of HappinessBeing born in this world, it's apparent that we have to go through all -- happiness and sadness, love and hate, pain and pleasure, honour and humiliation, hope and frustration, success and failure, gains and losses, union and separation, and finally death. One cannot escape from them as they come naturally as bindings to the body and the mind that we take. There is no way that we can choose one and avoid others.

Often people take success, prosperity, happiness and good health for granted, but go into depression when the opposite manifests.

We think that we can buy happiness by going to temples and offering prasad and a few coins to the deity. We trust that we have insured ourselves against all the diseases, failures, losses, unhappiness and mishaps by bathing in a holy river or visiting a shrine, though we continue to exploit, lie, cheat, hurt and humiliate others. How can we be blissful when we spend thousands on a family dinner, but argue with a poor rickshaw-puller over a few rupees? We don't mind our kids spending thousands on shopping, but when the poor maid asks for a small raise, we remind her that others would happily do her job even for a lesser monthly stipend.

If we are truly looking for happiness, let's be clear that it will never come by buying new cars, dresses and other materialistic objects. Such a material-based happiness is short-lived since these objects get outdated after some time. One should not be apologetic about becoming rich, but our true happiness lies in the way we use our wealth.

For being joyful, we must learn to share with others. Hoarding money will only see some digits going up in the bank statement and swell our ego, but sharing it by helping the less privileged people around will bring eternal joy -- this will never fade away or diminish.

While dealing with different emotions and people in this world and remaining exuberant in true sense, we need to learn to become a conscious witness to what goes around. That happens when we realise the ultimate truth that we are living in the body we daily see in the mirror as a temporary occupant. Through this body we relate with other people as mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, friend and so on. Through this body we deal with different personalities, numerous minds and diverse emotions. People also relate with us similarly.

To have a cheerful relationship with a person, we need to learn to relate with his/her soul, and not mind. Mind is quite vulnerable to negative and destructive emotions. Even the most beautiful relationship between a mother and a child becomes complicated when the latter develops a mind of his own. Till the time he is completely dependent on the mother, the relationship is soul-based and is most divine and pure.

Happiness in a loving relationship is more stable when both relate with each other's soul. As they start interacting more through mind, doubts, insecurities, fears and many such negative emotions start creeping in, ending up destroying the happiness of a relationship.

One can buy pleasure but not true happiness. To become truly enchanted and delightful, one needs to cultivate empathy, compassion and awareness.


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