The Universal Soul is Hurt

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

The Universal Soul is HurtWhen one form of life, being more intelligent and evolved, starts destroying or hurting other forms of life, negativity increases and the universal consciousness gets adversely affected. This results in catastrophic natural disasters.

Throughout the history of mankind, savants, sages and prophets have conveyed us one important truth: It's the God who created this universe and exists even in the tiniest fraction of it. He is the ultimate father and keeps an eye on our good or bad actions. He dwells in all forms of life to support and sustain them. Like a mature father, He ignores the minor squabbles between His kids, but decides to punish them when someone becomes unruly.

In ancient times when nature's wrath was apparently visible, the rulers would question their own and their countrymen's immoral conduct, which they believed was one of the main causes of natural calamities. Today, when human greed has surpassed all its previous limits and is making us take more than what's needed, thus indulging in heedless destruction of other species, the nature's fury gets reflected in disasters of catastrophic proportions.

We came to this world from the same source of energy which gave birth to all the insects, birds, animals and other forms of life. Someone up there wishfully expected that we would never forget this common parentage and love all forms of life. But we became selfish. Instead of expressing gratitude for all the possible help we received for survival, we started abusing other forms of life. Instead of love, we began treating them with cruelty. Instead of showing respect, we enslaved them.

Our sister souls had no choice but to mutely live in agony. In the process, the universal soul got badly hurt and retaliated angrily through earthquakes, typhoons and volcanoes.

Unfortunately, most of us don't wish to see beyond petty gains. Our concerns never rise above the safety and welfare of our close family members. For us, co-existence and universal brotherhood are superficial words. No wonder, we conveniently ignore hungry stray animals, thirsty birds, barely-clad fellow citizens shivering along the roadside in freezing winter nights.

We know that every action has a reaction, but we seldom trust this imminent law. We reap what we sow. Most of us brutally hurt the nature for immediate personal gains, throwing caution to the wind. This attitude will definitely make us suffer, come what may.

Thousands of years ago, a wise Vedic rishi showed us the harmonious path of peaceful co-existence in Chapter 36 of Shukla Yajurveda Samhita: "May there be tranquility and peace on the horizon of our universe, in the space around us, on this planet Earth where we live, in all the sources of the healing and nourishing water which sustains us. May all the herbs, flora and fauna, the vegetation, plants and trees co-exist in peaceful harmony. May all the creations and their creators have a peaceful purpose. May all the elements of nature help us sustain in a total peaceful harmony."

May the universal soul rest in harmony.


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