The real personality

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

The real personalityJudging people from their appearance is a wrong habit. Most of us easily fall in the trap of an 'attractive' personality and regret later. At times we fail to notice the genius of someone if the person has ordinary looks or is shabbily dressed. It is really unfortunate that many of us form our opinion about people based on the car they drive, locality they reside in and expensive jewelry or watches they wear.

The real personality of someone is his intellect and creativity. All our materialistic possessions can be stolen or get destroyed but the qualities we have learned or the virtues we have earned can never be taken away from us. The intelligent quote 'your attitude is the best attire you can wear' is so true.

When the great scholar Ashtavakra, who was named so because of his physical deformity in 'Ashta' or eight different joints, appeared in the royal court of King Janaka, father of Lord Rama's wife Sita, to challenge an arrogant egghead for a scholarly debate, people made fun of him and started laughing on his unusual looks.

He stood there silently till the laughter subsided and said, 'O great king Janaka! Before coming here I heard about your being 'videh', the one who lives in the body with continuous awareness of wearing it like a perishable piece of cloth. But I am disappointed to find that your royal court is full of only skinners and cobblers'.

"Why you said so?" the king asked.

"Well! the way they started laughing at my body as soon as I entered your court without even caring to know that who the real person is behind this skin or what he may have to say, confirms my observation", he quietly added.

The story goes on. When Ashtavakra humbled his opponent in the debate, everyone including King Janak apologized and honored him.

Spiritually evolved people judge others on their real personality, without any sort of bias or prejudice since they always live in the awareness of the ultimate truth of divine presence in everyone. The truth is that its only 'Godly' energy which manifests through different expressions and in all forms of life including bees, birds, plants and animals. It is the universal soul which essentially dwells in us all.

Spiritual awareness begins when we live 'experientially' with the awareness that others are our own extension and relate to them as fellow travelers in the journey of life on this planet. Kindness and compassion gradually descends in our attitude. Hate, jealousy, anger and false ego starts departing.

Our real personality starts taking shape.


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