Living with adversities in life

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

Living with adversities in lifeNot emotionally reacting to ego centric, irritable and unfriendly people is an acid test for the people treading on the spiritual path. It's even more difficult when one has to live or interact with such people on daily basis. Whereas for a spiritually inclined person it's a nightmare to engage in such negative combats, it may be sort of 'joy ride' for such people to intimidate others.

Such negative traits are more common with souls carrying unfinished agendas of pain, grudge and other sufferings from past life as well with people who are born and grow up in a very tough, competitive and painfully agonizing situations. It's even more frustrating that such people's minds can't be easily changed or altered as the samskaras and painful scars remain deeply engraved on their sub conscious. Their condition is truly pitiable as they can't help their tendency to feed on hurt and sadness.

Since such megalomaniacs thrive on emotional reactions by intimidating people through their speech or body language, they feel defeated when they fail to notice any sort of impact of their well 'tested & tried' negative traps. Initially such failures may make them even louder in their behaviour but continuously feeling pitted against a 'silent rock' makes them divert their salvo against another 'poor' being.

One can share with others only what one has. A sad person can only bring sadness to people and a person with irritable temperament can easily entice others to behave similarly. The key to deal with such people is to become totally non reactive to their all actions and verbal tantrums. Peacefully ignoring their presence and holding a neutral gentle Buddha smile, which is neither intimidating nor welcoming will gradually calm them down.

Spiritual masters have well demonstrated that their inner peace calms down even most violent persons and brings peace to everyone around.

Divine energy manifests in many forms and contrasting ways to highlight the other. There is night to contrast day, summer to contrast winter, ugliness to contrast beauty, evil to contrast goodness, pain to contrast pleasure, violence to contrast forgiveness and vice versa and so on.

Every divine expression has a definite purpose. Where as Brahma energy creates and Vishnu energy expands, it's the Shiva energy which destroys everything to start the process of creation all over again. In order to liberate from the cycle of births and deaths, souls need to process through all in one or many lives. To really understand positivity we need to confront negativity otherwise our 'experiences' in this life shall not be total or complete. One can't truly appreciate and understand prosperity unless one has dealt with financial crunch for survival on a day to day basis.

Fighting skills of even a very well trained warrior can't be verified unless they have been tested in a battlefield. Unless a sadhaka tests his patience, tolerance and compassion in the negative stream of anger, hate, jealousy and ego, he or she can't really evolve. Its not difficult to contemplate celibacy while sitting in the isolated Himalayan caves with noone around, but to remain celibate in a aggressive sexually satiable society may be a great accomplishment.

Though we may easily ignore and even laugh when some mad person on the street hurls an unprovoked volley of verbal abuse, our ego raises its cobra hood and we may bite even at the meager suggestion of some humiliating idea from a friend or family member. If we start understanding that people close to us can also carry some streaks of madness due to karma or childhood trauma, we will be more kind and compassionate towards them.

Living with adversities of life and yet maintaining inner peace is the key to spiritual growth. When one learns to remain neutral and non reactive even in the most provocative moments, one starts gradually advancing on the spiritual path.

Sometimes go to the Moon and sit there observing the rise of Earth on its horizon. Go even further where your Earth almost disappears in millions of stars. Now think of your hurt ego, sufferings and problems...



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