Can God Be Endless Joy Bubbling Up Inside You?

Richard Parenti

My first encounter with an Energy Force beyond my comprehension was in 1975 when a brilliant blinding, soothing to the eyes, scintillating white light the size of a basketball ignited in my stomach. Then a light the size of a baseball ignited in my head, and then finally the two were connected by a third light which exploded in me like the roar of rolling thunderous Joy throughout my body. I was turned into light and thunder experiencing a Joy that felt like I was having an immensely intense orgasm.

All this happened in a few seconds as I stood on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 89th street in New York City on a balmy summer evening. I thought I died and went to heaven, but there I was I was still standing on the corner. I didn't know what happened. I hadn't the foggiest idea of what the word spiritual experience meant and the word Yoga was not even part of my vocabulary. I was an out of control jet setter, a yuppie, a hedonist, an international rogue. This experience was out of context; I'd previously never experienced that much joy. Then I started to laugh and laugh. I was high from the after effects for years.

That was my introduction to Yoga. For one year after this experience all I could think about was how to recreate this light, this thunder, this Joy in me. Then one day, when I was on a lunch break from the restaurant in Sausalito where I was working, the manager said, "Here read this book. I think you will enjoy it." I opened to a random page, read one paragraph, and happy tears rolled down my cheeks. Abruptly, I whispered to myself, "This guy understands what I experienced. He knows. He knows what I experienced." Since prayer was a foreign word to me all I could think of was, "Thank you God. Thank You God," as I held the book close to my heart.

For the next few years I studied this Yogi's private teachings. Throughout his teachings he often referred to God as endless joy bubbling up inside oneself without outside provocation. Not the kind of joy you get from singing, dancing, music, jumping up and down or doing something outside yourself, but an endless joy bubbling up inside without doing anything.

After many years of meditation of having a variety of wonderful spiritual experiences during meditation and being able, only in meditation, to re-create that original experience, I was led to some other teachings that showed me how to experience this joy during the day while being active.

When the way was described to me I was shocked at how easy the method was for me to connect to joy within and to get myself into the zone of joy and spend anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes in it, on and off, during the day while being active. I'm learning that all it takes is practice in applying myself to allow joy to reveal itself within. And that is the real challenge as my negative conditioning and programming often interfere with my efforts.

So, like anything new that I have discovered it requires some work on my part. It's like exercising a new muscle, mentally being aware of how I feel and in shifting my thoughts away from my negative thinking such as judging, criticizing, feeling better than, to having to be right, to being argumentative, to complaining, to blaming to moving onto a better feeling thought, then to a better feeling thought, and a better feeling thought until I am able to enter this zone of Joy within.

Then when I tune in, tap in and turn on I consciously feed it, milk it, have fun with it and let the bubbles of Joy have their way with me. My heart sings with Joy. Often I can barely control my excitement. When I am in this state I feel connected to Source Energy. I feel complete. I feel whole. I feel magical. I feel majestic. I feel authentic. I feel real. I love feeling this kind of JOY as it is truly an emotional journey that I have access to everyday, all day and I know it. I just have to be willing to do the work to tune in and I'm willing to do that. And it's getting easier and easier to tap in as I apply myself.

This is a brand new aspect of my spiritual journey and it's heavenly. Along with my Sanskrit mantras I've added a new mantra, "Let the good times roll."


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