I meditate because...

  • I meditate to satisfy my common human urge to stillness.
  • I meditate so that I may dive deep into the ocean of infinity.
  • I meditate because the Gurus call and call and call and I must respond.
  • I meditate to reclaim ownership of the vast open field of Consciousnes.
  • I meditate to remain in the state natural to all children of divinity.
  • I meditate because I wish to join in singing the song that the sap at the roots of the banyan tree sings.
  • I meditate so that I may hear the music of the herb's leaf that opens at the touch of moonlight.
  • I meditate so that I may join the chorus of the cub, calf, fawn and fledgling.
  • I mediate so that, though I be hundred years old, children take me to be one of their own.
  • I meditate so that I not be mere copper wire but be recognized as the current that I am.
  • I meditate so that the mind may be introduced to mind.
  • I meditate so that the soul may dance with the Oversoul.
  • I meditate so that the sun may sit in the lap of the Oversun.
  • I meditate so that I may read the mind of the egg being hatched.
  • I meditate so that I may trace the fin print of the fish in the sea and the feather print of the bird in the sky.
  • I meditate so that moonlight may continue to fan green treetops.
  • I meditate so that the scribes of Infinity may inscribe mantras on the sheaves of my mind.
  • I meditate so that I may become a stylus in the hands of the scribes of Infinity.
  • I meditate so that my lotus garden may remain in full bloom.
  • I meditate so that a descending star may enter the crown of my head and lodge itself in my cerebrum.
  • I meditate because the world lies wounded and I may apply a little of my balm on the wounds.
  • I meditate so that the world may speak softly.I meditate to turn all shouts into quiet whispers.
  • I mediate to talk in whispers to the worlds' Lover.
  • I meditate so that I may learn the songs that the foetus sings.
  • I meditate so that I may be found worthy to sit in the company of prophets.
  • I meditate so that wherever I walk a breeze of peace and solace may touch all aching and ailing minds.
  • I meditate so I may learn to change my old torn body-garments for fresh electric ones.
  • I meditate to renew my kinship with the holy fire cauldrons in the depths of the earth.
  • I meditate because the moon's soul caresses my mind.
  • I meditate so that the whole earth may become my body and all its dwellers become my limbs.
  • I meditate so that when someone calls my name, every blade of grass and every tree leaf responds in my voice, "Here I am!"
  • I meditate so that when I exhale the breezes blow soft and when I hold my breath the storms go still.
  • I meditate so that I may overhear what trees say to each other when they wake in the morning.
  • I meditate so that I may dream the dreams the trees dream standing.
  • I meditate so that I be a stranger to none.
  • I meditate so that the ass and the owl, the blades of grass and branches of oak may know me as their sister.
  • I meditate to respond to the call of my friends who roam bodiless through all corners of the universe sprinkling soul smells of serenity. They wish me to join them.
  • I meditate so that four-cornered truth may turn into a smooth circle.
  • I meditate so as to be and no longer to become.


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