In Search of a Soul Mate

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

When two persons of the opposite sex meet, without even being aware, they tend to match the other person with an obvious image they are holding in their heart.This image could either be of a father, mother or any other role model. If some characteristics of this person confirm to that image, they feel attracted and start welding. Sensing this expectation and eagerness for a deeper connection, they may even start wearing a 'personality,' confirming more with the image, the other person is expecting. Many times this faking is mutual since it flushes many rough edges, though temporarily. In order to become intimate both may jump to the conclusion that they have lot in common and are sort of soul mates.

When such relationships become emotionally and physically more close and intense, both shed their 'guards'. The fake personality they both had been wearing comes out in the open. Soon they may be through with the physical and emotionalexploration of each other. Now the time begins to start finding some inconvenient truths about each other, which they initially overlooked. A new reality may emerge to suggest that they have very few things in common. They may even discover thatthey are actually poles apart from each other. The soul mate dream starts turning sour.

Though physical attraction plays an important role in most relationships yet it alone is not the binding factor for a lasting one. Spiritual and emotional compatibility is important for relationships to season and mature. In earlier times, people living under joint family modules, used to marry their offspring at young age when their personalities were malleable. Expectations were few and husband wife relationship used to get fused in a different way as they grew up playing and binding together. This made them more compatiable.

Now situation is different. Thanks to the onslaught of information technology, today even kids behave like grown ups and express their likes and dislikes brazenly. By the time they are sixteen or seventeen, they may have already developed a strong individualistic personality. This makes compatibility difficult.

Relationships acquire new respect and dimension if we know that due to our inherent instinct to unite with the divinity, we seek to fuse with 'someone' in the outer world. We may feel disappointed when 'that' person does not confirm to the image or expectations we might be holding.We may go from person to person, relationships to relationships but may eventually feel let down as the 'person' we are searching to melt with, can't be easily met in the materialistic world.

Unfortunately most relationships face an unpleasant reality of give and take orquestions like, 'what is in for me there?' Swelled expectations, financial insecurities, lack of mutual love & respect and easily vulnerable and bruised ego, threaten relationships sooner than expected.

The melody of the harmony of a spiritual companionship between man and woman has become extinct as relationships are being experimented on sort of contractual business parameters.

One judges and criticizes the partner least expecting that the partner too is capable of doing that. Only if one knows how to respect and love, one will have the sure key to be loved and respected. You are living in a utopian stupor if you think that you are perfect and free of all flaws. Sir ! being in this human body we are bound to err. None of us is free from flaws and making mistakes. And someone who has been tagged of being very wicked may even possess some great virtues, if you have the insight and the patience to observe. It's up to you which 'chord' in a person you decide to fiddle with.

You know that life is a journey and you will keep meeting and interacting with people in this world. You can compare it with a train journey in which people keep boarding and leaving on different stations. With some, you strike a chord and become friendly but eventually everyone has to get down on some station, sooner or later. The soul mate you are looking for is hard to find on this train.

Better start the inner journey and prepare to meet the ultimate soul mate dwelling inside you. Your relationship with this real soul mate will never turn sour.

Sometimes go to the Moon and sit there observing the rise of Earth on its horizon. Try to locate your self, your family or your country...



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