Always Be Grateful

This article is graciously provided for republication by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya, consultant Vastu Master, Vedic Astrologer and Ayurvedic Physician and teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation for more than 30 years.

Destiny manifests in mysterious and strange ways. It conspires to bring some one in our lives to bond and create something new, different and even extraordinary at times. It can be a blissful situation if we understand, respect and take advantage of this divine gift.

The reward of good karmas comes to us through other people who may have been 'inspired' to help and become part of our success. Even Lord Rama didn't appear so invincible to fight and defeat mighty Ravana till Hanumana came to his succor. Great warrior Arjuna in no way would have won the great Dharma Yuddha of Mahabharata against the indomitable Kouravas if Lord Krishna would not have offered to become his charioteer.

Often people forget the very hand which someone extended in the moments of their crises. They take every 'stepping stone' on their path as granted and even device ways to not only ignore but humiliate the people who selflessly helped them once. This is not right and should never be done. Here you are creating bad karmas which may not affect you instantly but will sure bring you to a situation where you your self will face the same music in not too distant a future.

The journey of life offers silver spoon to a few chosen ones. Most of us have to really work hard and get seasoned like wood through the heat of tough and competitive situations. Though there is a definite blueprint of our destiny yet it mostly remains hidden and very rightly so otherwise all the excitement will fade if every thing becomes predictable.

Karma balance sheet prepares the blueprint of one's life. According to the Vedic Rishi thought karmas are like smart calves that can identify their mothers even in the herd of thousands of cows. If the pain or failure has to manifest in our life, our own child or sibling or a close person may become its source. Similarly if the success and happiness has to come the karma destiny may choose completely unknown persons to become the carrier. Lord Rama's own father became the source of all his perils and Hanumana, a totally unknown person, became his savior to bring him back his abducted wife and defeat a formidable enemy like Ravana.

We need to understand and respect the mysterious manifestation of people who emerged in our life out of nowhere to help and guide us. They are chosen and sent by someone up there when the right page of our karma balance sheet opens. They may appear in different and awkward disguise in many bizarre situations but someone inside you will vouch for them. This someone is the inseparable part of that someone up there, who sends them.

When someone egotistically proclaims that he is self made or he has come of his own and does not owe anything to anyone for his success, this person is definitely ignorant. For sure this person does not understand the infallible mystery of divine designs and interventions. Though people commonly relate their success to marriage, birth of a child, 'lucky' house, adopted pet or even a newly acquired vehicle but they often undermine the contributions of some humble selfless individuals who never asserted to show their presence.

We need to take stock of our life, identify and respectfully acknowledge the people who have healed us, brought us joy and have always been helpful like a solid supporting rock. We also need to identify and respect the people who just emerged from nowhere when we were hitting low in life and their arrival brought dramatic change in our dwindling fortune. We also need to salute those selfless people who manifested out of nowhere to help us in sudden crises or in an emergency situation but disappeared soon after without even caring for a reward or thanks.

After defeating Ravana when Lord Rama returned home victorious to claim his kingdom he didn't forget Hanumana. Not only he awarded Hanumana with a high post in his court but always remained indebted for all his help. Lord Krishna despite becoming the great king of a vast empire, not only ran barefoot to hug his very poor childhood friend Sudama but also made sure that Sudama lives a very comfortable and rich life thereafter.

Know that gratefulness always scores high in the karma balance sheet.


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