Intuition, Telepathy, and the Sixth Sense

Someone meets an accident, suffers injuries but doesn’t want to panic parents by giving news yet his or her mother already senses it thousands miles away. This person has no clue how?
One fine morning you think of a close friend and decide to call him later during the day but to your surprise he himself calls you and tells you that he was thinking of you since morning. You wonder how this happened.
You have a weird dream about some neighbour, known person or close relative and few days later you hear about his/her death or becoming seriously ill. You can’t understand the logic.
A’s grandmother, who used to love him most, suddenly died thousands miles away while he was recovering from post surgical anesthesia after an accident. He felt her coming, sitting on the bed, crying and holding his head in her lap complaining that why no one informed her about A’s accident. When A became fully conscious, he enquired about grand mother. He couldn’t believe that she had died earlier in the morning and there is no way she could have visited him. A is yet to resolve this mystery even after many years of that ‘experience’.
P came to live in a new neighborhood in the town where he got a new job. He had no interaction with neighbors as his busy office schedule allowed him just enough time to go, shower and sleep for a few hours in his apartment. On the third night he dreamt of a bleeding donkey with completely ripped open skin stopping in front of the fourth apartment to the left of his own condo. P woke up breathless and perspiring on a cold winter morning. It was 3.30 am in the morning. One hour later when P was trying hard to get another short nap, he heard a series of wailing voices in the neighborhood. Stepping out he got shocked to find that a man in his early forties had died of massive heart attack at the same time in the same apartment, where the bleeding donkey had stopped. P is still unable to resolve this riddle.
Mostly we brush such experiences as bizarre as we have no clue that why this happens but when we savvy the real capacity and power of the mind, we would not be that shocked or surprised.
Though mind is in the body yet it is not bound by time, space and speed like the rest of the body. Though it uses brain cells to express, contemplate and manifest yet the mind doesn’t live in the brain only. Mind can be present in each cell of the body and yet remain free from them.
Each mind has its own vast mind field which extends beyond time, space and matter. Waves from one mind field can travel to other mind fields in no time and feel many things. The waves of a disciplined, trained and evolved mind are more energetic, focused and strong. The healing waves of a Saintly and Yogic mind are known to know about, help and heal not just one or two but thousands.
Mind can travel in past and future, to other planets beyond galaxies and milky ways in no time. A disciplined, trained and evolved mind can accomplish even more ‘unthinkable’. Powered by the resolution of highly evolved and enlightened minds, souls re-incarnate on this planet and as well migrate to other worlds too, when their karmas are done here. 
An invisible mysterious world, which keeps sending us those ‘weird’ messages through dreams or ‘déjà vu’ feelings simultaneously co-exists with this visible world, we daily interact with. We can’t see this invisible world as the five senses of perception (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) are to understand and explore this visible world only.
Intuition and telepathy are the sixth sense of perception and can be developed by training the mind to become meditative, focused, disciplined, quiet and free from distractions like anger, hate, jealousy, greed, ego and other similar negative traits and self destructive consumptions. When the sixth sense starts developing then the mysteries of the invisible world get revealed, gradually.

This is a guest post by Dr. Dinish Sharma, which highlights the presence of our Inner Resources.  I'm sure you will find this interesting. To read more of Dr. Sharma's wonderful posts, see his blog VoicefromRishikesh.



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