Cultivate a Generous Heart: Help Shashi Have A Heart Operation

Most people think of yoga as an exercise that involves stretching and postures, and it is true that these things are a part of yoga. Yet yoga is so much more. Yoga is the art of living fully, and is about, as the advertisement says for the Army,  "being all you can be."

An extremely important part of Yoga has a lot to do with "purifying" emotions, by cultivating emotions which lead to a positive, happy life, such as love, generosity, and devotion, and by diminishing emotions that destroy life such as hatred, jealously, and envy.

It is in this spirit of emotional cultivation that hym-la supports a wonderful charity in India, KHEL.  KHEL was initially founded more than 20 years ago to supply milk to the severely disadvantaged children of lepers in and around the city of Dehradun, India.  Over the years, KHEL built a wonderful school for the children and continues to help them in many ways.

One of the generous and kind activities in which KHEL is involved is helping a 15 year-old boy, "Shashi", who has a heart condition. KHEL has been helping keep Shashi alive for many years, but as his body grows, his heart isn't keeping up. KHEL is in need at least another $4500 for his surgery.

Please click HERE to read more about his family and current situation

Will you practice the yoga of generosity today and donate to help Shashi receive his operation?  Any donations will be sent to KHEL for this purpose and are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Remember, your actions, your "karma", create your future. Please help Shashi and, in so doing, practice loving generosity.

If you'd like to donate to help Shashi, please click the Donate button below. All donations will go 100% to KHEL to pay for Shashi's operation and are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. 

Hym-la is seeking to raise $2500.00 toward the $4500.00 needed to pay for his operation.  

Please note that Shashi's name is a pseudonym being used in this article to protect the privacy of this beautiful young man.  However, donors will have access to his true name and would be welcome to visit him in India.




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